Why choose us

Why even choose us for your Edu Email?

Today you can find hundreds of different resellers who sell Edu emails while some of them good 80% of the shops sell useless emails that aren't satisfied with your needs.
For example, they can sell you European email, and this is entirely useless if you try to get discounts on the big site such as amazon prime or Spotify.
Or they can sell you emails that die after a few days, and you end up losing your money. Or emails that you can't get ownership of and so on.
How we different than the others?
1. All our emails our USA and compatible for use on the big sites like the mention above
2. You can get full ownership of the Edu emails purchased from us. (You can change password)
3. We provide complete guidance on every purchase on how to use them.
4. We have the best price. just for $10, you enjoy all the benefits


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